"After negotiating a color scheme with her daughter (who was strongly pushing for pink, of course), Carmen decided on a classic all white color palette with a modern twist; over 14 kinds of mixed greenery added texture and soft focus to the white florals. There were so many aspects of Carmen and Jackson's wedding that made this a stand-out, but I think my favorite element was the huge fresh garland that first was used at the ceremony spanning their arch, and then was dissembled and placed on the King's Table inside at the reception. It really gave Carmen and Jackson a good bang for their buck, looked outstanding in pictures, and was a showstopper in person." - Maggie Milby IMF (Thistles Wedding Coordinator) 

LOCATION: Honey Creek Resort (Moravia, IA)

DATE: May 20, 2017

WEDDING COLORS: White with Textural Green Accents

PHOTOGRAPHER: Leslie Cook Photography