"Ellie and Josh are the perfect example that wedding planning IS fun! The two of them came in full of ideas on how they wanted to make their day special for their guests. One special detail we designed just for them was the ombre arbor piece. It was dripping with mixed eucalyptus varieties and packed full of colored blocked flowers in white, blush, and burgundy. Soft streamers hanging from bouquets in mixed textures and finishes danced in the warm spring breeze while seasonal blooms like burgundy peonies, spirea, and smoke bush added an extra special touch. A sweet custom flower comb with textured accents like thistle, scabosia pods, and viburnum berry held up perfectly through the heat. It was such a joy to bring all of these personal details to life for Ellie and Josh, they are the sweetest couple with great taste!" - Maggie Milby IMF (Thistles Wedding Coordinator)

LOCATION: Debbie's Celebration Barn (Oskaloosa, Iowa)

WEDDING COLORS: Burgundy, Petal Pink, Navy, with Floral Accents

PHOTOGRAPHER: Michelle White Photography